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We provide a range of legal services such as Singapore Deed Poll (Change of Name), Singapore Conveyancing, Property and Real Estate, Corporate and Commercial, Divorce and Nullity, Wills, Power of Attorney (HDB Flat), Lasting Power of Attorney, Singapore Probate and Resealing of Hong Kong and Commonwealth Grant, and Notary Public and Commissioning services, and Appointment of Deputies under MCA.

Engagement of some legal services, such as Deed Poll for Change of Name, Divorce, Probate, Wills and Appointment of Deputy under MCA, can be submitted online through our various websites and SG Lawyers Mobile App (download at Apple AppStore or Google Play). Please also visit our sister sites at,,,

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In line with Government’s suspension of non-essential services due to COVID-19 situation, effective 7 April 2020 to 1 June 2020 (“Circuit Breaker period”), Loh Eben Ong LLP’s office is opened intermittently / by appointment basis strictly for Essential Services only. During this period, Non-Essential Services which require physical presence in our office are temporarily suspended, and will resume on 2 June 2020.

For some services, such as Divorce, Probate, etc, we may be able to receive your instructions via our online forms, emails, and telephone consultations, and physical meetings can take place after the Circuit Breaker period.

Many of our Online Booking Appointments have been temporary disabled. For Non-Essential Services, please book on 2 June 2020 and after.

Our office number at +65 63381810 is unmanned, and our fax no. +65 63387678 is not in operation.

To communicate with us, please use our online forms at our websites or email us.

Meanwhile, Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Vigilant.


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Walk-in Legal Services by appointment only for Deed Poll ($50), LPA, HDB POA, Notary Public are now available,. Terms apply. Please CALL at 63381810 or Book Online to make an appointment.


To change your name in your Singapore NRIC or your Child’s name, you will need a Singapore Deed Poll. Loh Eben Ong, Singapore Lawyers and Law Firm have assisted thousands in their name change in Singapore.

Deed Poll Name Change
Singapore Divorce Lawyer of Loh Eben Ong


If you require assistance in your marital breakdown, such as Uncontested Divorce, Nullity and Separation, our Experienced Singapore Divorce Lawyers can assist you. Find out our Singapore Divorce costs or submit Online if you wish to engage us.


To sell, purchase and mortgage Singapore property, or redeem or discharge your Mortgage, we have experienced Singapore Conveyancing Lawyers to assist you.

If you wish to repay your housing loan or has fully paid up your Mortgage Loan, use our Redemption service, submit Redemption Online.

Singapore Property Lawyers of Loh Eben Ong
Singapore Divorce Lawyers of Loh Eben Ong


Doing a simple Will with our innovative Singapore Wills Online is a breeze. Don’t leave this world without a Will, and let your family suffer without certainty. With a Will, you decide how you wish to distribute your assets and to whom. It is easier to manage your estate especially if you have young children. Submit Online NOW.


If you have a death in your family, we understand the emotional drain and grief. To deal with his or her estate or assets in Singapore, you will require to apply for a Singapore Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration or Memorandum of Resealing. For Probate Application, much is dependent on the deceased’s domicile and whether he or she has a valid Will. Let our experienced Singapore Probate Lawyers assist you.

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When you are travelling or feel unwell, you may need someone to act on your affairs on your behalf. You should consider Singapore Power of Attorney for HDB Flat; Private Property, Car and All Affairs and Lasting Power of Attorney (when you lose mental capacity). Submit Online at reasonable costs.


Require your notarised or legalised documents to be used overseas? You may require our Singapore Notary Public services. For certified true copies, witnessing, power of attorney to be used overseas (outside Singapore).

Wef 1 Oct 2019, all Notarised documents need to be authenticated by SAL (fee of $85.60 payable to SAL). Terms apply.

Use our Notary Fee Calculator to check estimated fees.

Singapore Notary Public of Loh Eben Ong



Statutory Declaration

If you require a format of a SD for use in Singapore, you may use our DIY Statutory Declaration Auto-generation form (Free).


If you are required to affirm or swear or depose your signing of a Statutory Declaration (SD), Affidavit, etc, for use in Singapore, you will need commissioning services by a Commissioner for Oaths.

Please note that if our lawyers or Commissioner assisted you in the preparation or drafting of a document (eg. SD) to be affirmed, our Commissioner is unable to witness your signature.



Please note that fees charged by a Commissioner for Oaths are prescribed by law. When you book an appointment online, estimated fees will be calculated according to the selection of the relevant services.

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In the commercial and corporate world, you will require contract drafting, reviewing and vetting legal services by Singapore Lawyers. Let our experienced Singapore Corporate and Commercial Lawyers and Counsels assist you.



If a family member (P) has lost mental capacity without a valid LPA, you will want to apply to the Family Justice Courts for the appointment of his deputy or deputies for personal welfare and property and affairs. Loh Eben Ong is able to assist you in your application for deputyship under section 20 of the Mental Capacity Act – only for uncontested matters.

Simplified MCA application process may be available for certain specific categories such as medical and dental treatments, and access to P’s fund in his bank account.


“We are impressed by the team at Loh Eben Ong LLP, Singapore Lawyers, and find them extremely helpful and prompt in providing quality legal services, be it big or small cases. They have also used technology to their advantage in servicing their clients”

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Working with Singapore Lawyers has never been easier, and at Loh Eben Ong LLP, we work with our clients as partners and not merely as customers.

We believe in relationship building and understanding our clients’ issues to serve our clients better. Singapore Lawyers


Where required, Loh Eben Ong, Singapore Lawyers and Law Firm can assist foreign clients in their property purchase, resealing of grant of probate, investments and commercial needs, and we work with foreign lawyers who require Singapore Lawyers in Singapore or for matters abroad.


At Loh Eben Ong LLP, Singapore Lawyers, we believe that in performing our services for our clients, we must excel in the work handled by us to the highest level, be it a Deed Poll, Contract Drafting, Divorce,  Will, Conveyancing or Probate matter, whether simple or complicated.


Loh Eben Ong LLP, Singapore Lawyers, have experienced Solicitors in their respective fields and give their clients the highest quality advice possible.