Some of the types of Commercial Agreements by Singapore Lawyers of Loh Eben Ong

Band Agreement


An agreement in which several musicians agree to form a partnership for the purposes of performing and playing as a band.

Band Agreement2016-03-05T12:31:43+08:00

Company Guidelines for Use of Social Media


Guidelines for use of social media by employees and other personnel for company marketing programmes and other business purposes.

Company Guidelines for Use of Social Media2016-11-01T01:14:21+08:00

Mobile Application Privacy Policy


A policy by which a business that offers a mobile app on a website, offers services through the app, collects non-sensitive personal data in connection with an individual’s use of the app and those services and stores and uses the data for the purpose of supplying those services.

Mobile Application Privacy Policy2016-11-01T01:14:21+08:00

Mobile Aapplication End-user Licence Agreement


End-user Licence Agreement is to be used in which a mobile application that is downloaded or streamed electronically onto a mobile phone or other handheld device, such as a tablet.

Mobile Aapplication End-user Licence Agreement2016-11-01T01:14:21+08:00

Mobile Application Development Agreement


An agreement in which a software supplier agrees to develop and supply a mobile application, and/or to assign the intellectual property rights in it to the customer and to maintain it.

Mobile Application Development Agreement2016-03-05T12:24:15+08:00

Advertising Agreement


An agreement relating to advertising services between an agency and a client.

Advertising Agreement2016-11-01T01:14:29+08:00

Supply of Goods Agreement


This is an agreement for the supply of goods for business-to-business transactions. 

While standard terms and conditions for the supply of goods are suitable for many ongoing supply arrangements, there may be advantages to putting a formal supply of goods agreement in place in certain circumstances.

A supplier may be keen to put a formal […]

Supply of Goods Agreement2016-11-01T01:14:29+08:00

Software Maintenance Agreement


This is an greement for the provision of maintenance and support of complex software designed for business rather than consumer use.

Software Maintenance Agreement2016-02-27T16:53:15+08:00

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