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Some of the types of Commercial Agreements by Singapore Lawyers of Loh Eben Ong

Systems Integration Agreement


An agreement in which an IT purchaser agrees to buy a new IT system, including some or all of the following elements: integration services, software, hardware, licence of intellectual property rights, and ongoing support and maintenance services.

There are several types of systems integration agreement:

  • Turnkey without any software development
  • Turnkey with […]
Systems Integration Agreement2016-02-27T16:51:19+08:00

Software Licence Agreement


This agreement for the licence of fully developed software in a business-to-business context. The software is for off-the-shelf software rather than software developed or customised to meet the user’s requirements) which is designed for business rather than consumer use.

Software Licence Agreement2016-02-27T16:46:56+08:00

Software Development Agreement


An agreement in which a software provider agrees to supply and install new software, to license the intellectual property rights in it and to maintain it. Drafting of this type of agreement will depend on the type of software, the type of business of the customer and the use to which the software is put.


Software Development Agreement2016-02-27T16:44:30+08:00

Terms and Conditions for Supply of Services to consumers


These terms relates to a seller who is in the business of supplying services to consumers and the consumers are habitually resident in Singapore.

Terms and Conditions for Supply of Services to consumers2016-02-27T16:39:18+08:00

Terms and Conditions for Supply of Goods to Consumers


These terms relates to a Seller who is a business supply goods to consumers, and the consumers are habitually resident in Singapore.

Terms and Conditions for Supply of Goods to Consumers2016-02-27T16:37:44+08:00

Website Content Licence Agreement


An agreement for the licensing of content by a content-owner for use on a website in a business-to-business context.

Website Content Licence Agreement2016-02-25T19:34:16+08:00

Web-wrap Software Licence Agreement


A Web-wrap Licence Agreement is a form of end user licence agreement (EULA). In nature, it is a combination of copyright licence, giving the user permission to do something that would otherwise be an infringement of copyright law, and contract, to give the licensor the ability to exclude or limit his liability and the right […]

Web-wrap Software Licence Agreement2016-11-01T01:14:29+08:00

Service Level Agreement


Service levels and service credits are tools used to ensure that the supplier performs the services to the required standard. They define how well the supplier needs to perform and the immediate financial consequences of failure.

Service credits are a mechanism by which amounts are deducted from the amounts to be paid under the contract […]

Service Level Agreement2016-02-25T19:24:45+08:00

Sale of Equipment Agreement (Used Goods) – Simplified


A simplified version of agreement for the sale of used goods, where goods are sold on an “as is” or “as seen” basis, in the course of the parties’ businesses.

Simplified version may be appropriate depending on the relevant factors:

  • The type of transaction. Is it a routine transaction where the risks […]
Sale of Equipment Agreement (Used Goods) – Simplified2016-11-01T01:14:29+08:00

Managed Services Agreement


This agreement is intended for use where the supplier will provide a service consisting of the integrated management of personnel, equipment, materials, software and telecoms services.

Managed Services Agreement2016-11-01T01:14:29+08:00

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