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Divorce Glossary


Singapore Divorce Glossary Singapore Divorce Common Terms.

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Singapore Divorce


A divorce ends a marriage, and on divorce, the husband and wife are no longer related, and don’t owe each other duties and obligations, except for ancillary matters (where applicable). Parties intending to go through Divorce Proceedings in Singapore are frequently emotionally charged.


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Why Loh Eben Ong for Singapore Divorce?


With so many articles, ads and websites on Uncontested Singapore Divorce (much more than other type of legal services), a person looking to engage a Singapore Divorce Lawyer will be highly confused and lost in a maze of information.


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Separation Deed


Separation Deed Singapore

You may wish to be separated from your spouse for a period of time before you decide on a divorce, you may need a Separation Deed. In the meantime, the parties can still work out on reconciliation. In this case, a Deed of Separation is recommended to be prepared by a Singapore Divorce Lawyer.


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Singapore Nullity or Annulment


An Applicant may apply to Court to annul his or her marriage in some circumstances such as your spouse is already married; your spouse has refused to consummate the marriage (wilful refusal); the marriage has not been consummated because you or your spouse is incapable of consummating it; or if at the time of your […]

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