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Glossary on Singapore Probate, Resealing, Estates, Wills



A document that amends a previously executed will. Amendments made by a codicil may be small (for example, changing the executors) or may change the will significantly. A codicil must comply with the same legal requirements and be executed in the same way as a will.




The literal meaning of commorientes is “simultaneous deaths“.

The commorientes rule applies for the purpose of determining title to property. It states that (subject to any court order) if two or more people die in circumstances where it is not possible to tell who died first, the deaths are presumed to have occurred in order of […]


Contentious Probate


A probate matter becomes contentious when there is a contest for administration of a deceased’s estate.

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Contingent interest


An interest that does not take effect until a condition (contingency) has been met. When the condition is met, the interest becomes a vested interest.

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Declaration of trust


A document in which a person declares that he holds (or two or more persons declare that they hold) assets on trust for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

A declaration of trust may create a new trust or may confirm the terms of an existing trust. A settlor may create a trust using […]

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Broadly, domicile can be summarised as an individual’s permanent home. Domicile is relevant in matters of personal law (eg. estates and tax matters) and where there is a conflict of laws. In law, the meaning of ‘domicile’ is beyond the normal dictionary definition of “place of residence”.

An individual’s domicile is not necessarily the same […]




In general terms, an individual’s estate is the total of all their assets, less all their liabilities.


Estate Duty


A tax that is paid to the government upon the death of a person due to property being passed to his beneficiaries. Also known as death duty, death tax or inheritance tax.

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An individual who administers a deceased person’s estate in Singapore, having been appointed in the will. A woman who is an executor is sometimes called an executrix.


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