Glossary on Singapore Probate, Resealing, Estates, Wills

Residuary Clause


A clause in a will disposing of the residuary estate, i.e. assets belonging to the testator which has not been disposed in other part of the Will.

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Originating Summons


A court documents or application which starts probate proceedings (as well as other types of legal proceedings) in the relvant Court.

Originating Summons2016-03-02T08:52:30+08:00

Non-Contentious Probate


Probate matter (testate or intestate) is non-contentious if there is no contest for administration of the deceased’s estate.

Non-Contentious Probate2016-03-02T08:51:24+08:00

Inheritance Certificate


Certificate from the Syariah Court setting out the beneficiaries and their entitlement to a Muslim person’s estate.

Inheritance Certificate2016-11-01T01:14:28+08:00



Closest blood relative




An authorisation by the Court.


Administration Oath


A sworn statement by the executors or administrators that they will administer the deceased’s properly and in accordance with the laws, and render a true and just account to the beneficiaries.

Administration Oath2016-03-02T08:48:26+08:00

Administration Bond


A security furnished by the administrators and sometimes 2 sureties in favour of the relevant court to ensure property administration of the deceased’s estate.

Administration Bond2016-03-02T08:47:14+08:00

Estate Duty


A tax that is paid to the government upon the death of a person due to property being passed to his beneficiaries. Also known as death duty, death tax or inheritance tax.

Estate Duty2016-11-01T01:14:29+08:00

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