Glossary on Singapore Probate, Resealing, Estates, Wills

Contentious Probate


A probate matter becomes contentious when there is a contest for administration of a deceased’s estate.

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A caution against the estate to prevent dealings in it without the knowledge of the person who files the caveat.


Chain of Executorship


Section 25 of Civil law Act provides that an “executor of a sole or last surving executor of a testator is the executor of that testator”.

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Survivorship clauses


A survivorship clause is a clause in a will which states that a beneficiary must survive for a given period of time for the gift to take effect. The survivorship period can be 1 day, 7 days, or 28 days, but can be as long as six months. A period that long is not generally […]

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Mental capacity


Mental capacity is the ability to make a decision. This could be a decision that affects daily life, for example, what to wear or more significant decisions, for example, whether to undergo a surgical procedure or purchase an investment.

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A person who offers security for the payment of a debt or the performance of an obligation. A surety is often a third party to the main arrangement dealing with the debt or obligation, but the term may also apply to a borrower that has provided security, depending on the context.

A surety may sometimes […]




Where probate or administration is already granted in a Commonwealth Country or Hong Kong, it may be possible to reseal the foreign grant in Singapore. Resealing the foreign grant avoids the need to reapply for a fresh grant in Singapore. Once resealed, the documents can be used in the same way as a Singapore grant.


Public Listed Shares


Shares in Companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore or the stock exchanges of other countries.

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Power of attorney


A document by which one party gives another person the power to act on his behalf and in his name.

The person giving the power is called the donor, grantor or principal and the person on whom it is conferred is usually referred to as the donee or attorney.

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The term sometimes used for a woman who is a testator.


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