Glossary on Singapore Property, Real Estate and Conveyancing

Ad valorem


In proportion to the value. In the case of ad valorem tax, the amount paid is proportionate to the value of the asset taxed.

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Joint tenancy


A type of joint ownership of property, where each owner is called a “joint tenant” and each owns the whole of the asset, rather than a distinct fractional share. When a joint tenant dies, the asset in question does not pass to his personal representatives as part of his estate. Instead, the asset (usually land, […]

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Tenancy in common


Joint ownership of property where each owner owns a separate share in the property. On the death of one of the tenants, their share passes to their beneficiaries in accordance with their will or intestacy.

It is one of two main types of joint ownership of property. The other is called a joint tenancy.

For […]

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