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Operation and Controlled Access due to Covid-19 Situation


Operation for Essential Legal Services

As announced by the Singapore Government on 5 April 2020 and 21 April 2020, certain Legal Services and matters are considered Essential Services. We are able to operate strictly for Essential Services only, but any attendance in our office is strictly by […]

Operation and Controlled Access due to Covid-19 Situation2020-05-22T12:29:48+08:00

Coronavirus Health and Safety Guide


As the entire world is attempting to contain the spread of Coronavirus, every day more businesses, managers, teachers, and educational institutions are shifting to a new reality of remote working and learning. We suddenly find ourselves in a strange new world, where vritual meetings are becoming the norm. Many of us are now working from […]

Coronavirus Health and Safety Guide2020-03-27T13:59:43+08:00

Fee Calculator for Notary Services


Due to the numerous travel restrictions and lock downs in many countries, we anticipate that there will be a surge in requirements for Notarial services.

For your convenience, for fees of Notarial services such as witnessing and certified true copies, please use our Notary Fee Calculator to check the estimated fees payable.

Final […]

Fee Calculator for Notary Services2020-03-23T11:52:58+08:00

Notary Services Non-Availability 22 to 31 Dec 2019


Please note that our Notary Public services will not be available during the period of 22 to 31 December 2019. Online booking for appointments during this period will not be available. If you wish to use our Notary services, the next available appointment will be on 2nd January 2020.

During this period, for certified true copies[…]

Notary Services Non-Availability 22 to 31 Dec 20192019-12-07T12:53:26+08:00

Statutory Declaration Automation Form


Many do not know the format of a Statutory Declaration (SD), and always ask around for a specimen. We have received many enquiries on what is an SD and how to prepare one.

A statutory declaration must be in the form set out in the First Schedule of the Oaths and Declarations […]

Statutory Declaration Automation Form2019-09-26T20:45:08+08:00

Uncontested Applications under MCA via IFAMS


If you have a family member (P) who is lacking in mental capacity and does not have a valid LPA, the family may apply for urgent specific application(s) without the “full blown” MCA deputy application under s 20 of MCA. This is for uncontested application via IFAMS for specific matters relating […]

Uncontested Applications under MCA via IFAMS2019-09-24T18:42:34+08:00

Mandatory SAL Authentication for Notarised Documents



With effect from Tuesday, 1 October 2019, all notarised documents that will have to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). This follows changes to the Singapore Academy of Law (Amendment) Rules 2019 and the Notaries Public (Amendment) Rules 2019, which take effect that day.

Due to the changes, the […]

Mandatory SAL Authentication for Notarised Documents2019-09-30T11:47:47+08:00

Deputy MCA Online LIVE


Application for Appointment Deputy or Deputies under section 20 of the Mental Capacity Act can be rather complex, even for practising lawyers due to the numerous documents and information required. Deputy is required if a Person lacks capacity and does not have a valid LPA.

LOH EBEN ONG is introducing our newest Online Legal Service called […]

Deputy MCA Online LIVE2019-09-02T17:48:41+08:00

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