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Engaging Loh Eben Ong


For our Premier Legal Service, our standard rates for Singapore Legal Services are usually not applicable due to our highly customised legal services.

If you wish to make any enquiries on our Premier and Private Clients’ Legal Services, please call at +65 6338 1810 to speak to our Partner, Mr Eben Ong, or send him […]

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Why Singapore?


Singapore is a highly compact cosmospolitan City and has a relatively stable political environment, and provide a relatively safe haven for investors. With a highly developed transport network (air, land and sea), and great infrastructure, it is a global city for work, home, play, and educate your children.

Singapore governmental policies are stable and transparent, […]

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Type of Premier Legal Services


We provide a wide range of legal services, and we are able to provide Premier Legal Services on many different areas of practice. 

If you have any general legal issues relating to a foreign country (outside Singapore), we may be able to provide general guidelines on specific areas of laws.


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What is Private or Premier Client?


Our Premier Legal Service is akin to Private Banking in the banking sector, and caters mainly to Singapore residents and foreigners, who are high net worth individuals, celebrities, tycoons, businessmen and corporations and require a highly personalised, efficient and confidential service.

You may come from USA, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, India or any […]

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Singapore Premier and Private Clients’ Legal Services


Loh Eben Ong LLP is a long established Singapore Law Practice with more than 20 years’ history and highly experienced lawyers. With our long history, we have dealt with a wide range of legal services and handled a wide range of clientele of many different profiles.

If you are a foreigner, Singapore Permanent Resident, […]

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