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Foreign Domiciled Deceased


Obtaining a grant of representation for a foreign domiciled deceased (non-Singapore domiciled) is slightly more complicated. Apart from resealing cases, if a deceased died domiciled outside Singapore and has assets in Singapore, his or her personal representative(s) will need to apply for a Grant of Representation such as a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in […]

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Letters of Administration


Where a deceased died without a valid Will, his estate is said to be intestate. In an intestate estate, his estate (assets) will be managed by Court appointed person(s) called Administrator(s). Persons who can apply to the Court to be appointed as Administrator(s) depend on his or their legal relationship with the deceased.


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Grant of Probate


Where a deceased died with a valid Will, his estate is said to be testate. In a testate estate, his estate (assets) will be managed by the Executor(s) appointed under the deceased’s Will. The Executor(s) appointed under the Will will usually appoint Singapore Probate Lawyers in Singapore to apply to the Court for a Grant of Probate (as opposed to […]

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Resealing of Commonwealth Grant


If the deceased has died domiciled in any of the Commonwealth Countries or Hong Kong (outside Singapore) with assets in Singapore, and you (or your clients) have already obtained a Grant of Representation from a probate court (similar court or authority) in that jurisdiction of his domicile (eg. UK, Scotland, Australia), you may apply for that […]

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