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Wills Online is one of our premium and popular Online Legal Services. By submission of Wills Online, it minimizes the need for a first appointment for Wills instructions saving money and time for both the client and the Lawyer.


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Why Should I Make a Will?


Our short answer is it brings certainly to your loved ones in your unfortunate untimely death. No one can predict when he will die, and for the elderly, this is usually a very sensitive or taboo issue. However, major tragedies, such as Air Travel tragedies, Terrorism or Earthquake, reminded us that we should not take death […]

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Making a Will in Singapore


Whether you are a Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident, or a Foreigner working in Singapore, at certain times of your life, you will have thoughts as what will happen to your assets if you were to die suddenly. Life is so fragile and unpredictable that we are frightened by life itself. When we were at teen […]

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Changing your name

Do you know it is easy to change your name? You need a Deed Poll signed in the presence of a Singapore Lawyer. You can get a quote and submit online at
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