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Singapore Commissioner for Oaths Fee

Find out Singapore Commissioner for Oaths Fee for administering oaths or affirmation in affidavits and take and receive of statutory declarations for Singapore.

Please note that Singapore Commissioner for Oaths Fees are statutory prescribed (with limited exceptions) and not negotiable.

You should have the mental capacity to affirm the relevant documents, and all documents should be duly completed with accurate and correct particulars as per his or her identity document (NRIC or Passport).

Commissioning services are by prior appointment only, and actual costs are calculated in our office and payment by cash. To schedule an appointment, please use our Online Appointment System.


1. Administering Oaths or Affirmations in respect of Affidavits to be used in Singapore Court proceedings (in English language)

2. Declaration of Statutory Declarations to be used in Singapore (in English language)

Please take note that this Singapore Commissioning service is strictly for documents to be used in Singapore, and not overseas. For documents to be used overseas, you may need Notary Public services instead.

How is this Charged

This rate is charged based on per person per document basis. Details are as follows:

1. this fee is for the 1st person only

2. for additional person(s), please select the next Option "Additional Person(s)"

Please note that this rate is statutory prescribed and not negotiable.

Languages of Commissioner

It is critical that the deponent / declarant fully understand that document that he or she is signing, otherwise, the Commissioner will decline the provision of this service. Our Commissioner is conversant in the following:

1. English (written and spoken for all type)

2. Mandarin (spoken only for simple document only)

3. Hokkien (simple document)

Deponent's Language

Declarant / deponent must understand what he or she is signing. If he or she is unable to read and/or write English language, then the document will need to be interpreted, and for moderate to lengthy document, additional charges may be levied (see the Option of Reading and Interpreting below).

If the Commissioner for Oaths is of the opinion that the deponent or declarant is unable to understand the contents of the document, he will decline the provision of this service, and if work has already commenced, reasonable abortive fee may be levied.

Book an Appointment

If you wish to use our Commissioning service, please make an appointment with our Commissioner for Oaths as follows:

1. Schedule Appointment Online

2. Call Us at 6338 1810 for same day appointment

3. Email Us at

What to Bring

You have to bring your original identification document, such as NRIC or Passport.


Exhibits are documents attached or annexed to the Affidavit or Statutory Declaration which is required to be marked or signed by the Commissioner for Oath.
For document which is lengthy or require translation from English to a language that the Commissioner and the deponent/declarant is conversant in, the Commissioner is entitled to charge for time spent in reading or interpreting. Charges is at the rate for every 15 mins block, or any part thereof.

Estimated Total

Subject to error, and final cost calculation done in Notary office





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