A Web-wrap Licence Agreement is a form of end user licence agreement (EULA). In nature, it is a combination of copyright licence, giving the user permission to do something that would otherwise be an infringement of copyright law, and contract, to give the licensor the ability to exclude or limit his liability and the right to sue the user in contract as well as copyright law.

It is used where software is distributed electronically (via the internet) rather than on physical media:

  • Before being able to order or download the software the user will be requested to read the licence terms on the screen and to indicate his acceptance or rejection of them by clicking on an “Accept” or “Reject” button placed at the end of, or below, the licence terms.
  • If the user signifies his acceptance of the licence terms, he will be allowed to proceed to, and complete, an electronic order form or download the software from the supplier’s website. If he rejects the terms, the user will be unable to download the software.