For our Corporate Lawyers Fees, how we charge much depend on the services we provide. We provide the following Corporate and Commercial law services:

  • drafting of fresh of agreement
  • reviewing / vetting an existing agreement with comments and amendments
  • consultation on terms of an existing agreement

Corporate Lawyers Fee

We understand costs may be a factor for most SMEs and Startups, and where possible, we do not unnecessarily chalk up the hours to get paid more. However, as with many professionals, time is money, and where we have spent time on, say drafting an agency agreement, there will be opportunity cost (i.e. we can’t attend to other matters).

As review, research, discussions and drafting of an agreement usually take place behind the scene, most clients may not understand the amount of time, effort and work a lawyer put into providing this service.

At LOH EBEN ONG, as an SME ourself, we understand the cost considerations of our clients in performing our services, and will perform our service to the best of our abilities and at reasonable costs. If you find our quoted fee too high (or too low), do talk to us.

Initial Step

The initial step is understanding your requirements and this may involve time taking your instructions. Subsequent steps depend on the nature of the work, such as drafting, vetting and/or reviewing an existing draft, and discussions with clients and/or the lawyer acting for the other party.

Specific Industry

In drafting and reviewing contracts, please note that every industry may have different requirements. For example, factors concerning an agreement regarding Food and Beverage Industry may differ from that in the Technology Industry. Therefore, in providing such service, we may need to understand the needs, requirements, policies, regulatory rules and/or concerns regarding your industry and/or business. We may have to conduct research into your industry to understand if there are concerns or issues that we should be aware of.

Hourly Rate or Fixed rate

Unless otherwise agreed, we will usually charge based on an hourly rate dependent on the specific lawyer acting in the matter. Our lawyers do not charge the same hourly rate for all matters, but dependent on the nature of work.

For drafting of fresh Agreement, subject to understanding your needs, we may be able to provide a lump sum or fixed fee.

Retainer Legal Counsel

We will consider retainer basis on a case to case consideration. Please do discuss with us if you need a retainer.