Singapore Deed Poll FAQ

Singapore Deed Poll FAQ

Singapore Deed Poll FAQ on issues relating to Singapore Change of Name in NRIC for Adult and Change of Child’s Name. If a person is under 21 years of age, he is considered a Minor or Child and his parents or legal guardian(s) will have to sign the Deed Poll on his behalf. Deed Poll FAQ for Name Change

Deed Poll Procedures

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Minor (Child under 21)

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Naming & Other Issues

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Name Change Issues (11)

Name or names that we consider vulgar, offensive, blasphemous or unsuitable or against the laws of Singapore.

We will also not accept an order for a Deed Poll that includes a name that would make people believe you had a conferred or inherited honour or title e.g. Dato, BBM, Sir, Lord, Judge, Lady, Baron, Baroness, Duke, Duchess etc. Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into as to our reason for rejection.

Although we may prepare and witness your Deed Poll based on your instruction, we do not warrant nor guarantee that your new name will be acceptable to the relevant authority for registration.

If you are born in certain years, you may have a hanyu pinyin name appearing in brackets in your Identity Card or Birth Certificates. You may remove or delete the hanyu pinyin name in brackets entirely in your NRIC if you wish to do. This can be done with a Deed Poll.

This is a relatively common issue raised, and ultimately, it is a matter of your personal choice. Some would prefer their new first name or Christian name to appear in the front and some at the rear.

For example, if your current name is Ong Tan Wee, and you wish to adopt a first name of “John” in addition to your existing name of “Ong Tan Wee”. There are various way your new name can appear in your new Identity Card, such as:-

  •  John Ong Tan Wee
  •  Ong Tan Wee John
  •  John, Ong Tan Wee
  •  Ong Tan Wee, John

You need not be baptized to add a Christian Name or given name or first name to your original name. The use of the term “Christian Name” can sometimes cause confusion to individuals.

For example, if I wish to add “John” to my existing name of Ong Tan Kong, you need not be baptized or be a Christian or Catholic to add “John” to your name. A more apt term to use is “First Name” instead of “Christian Name”.

However, we understand that ICA may allow you to add your Christian Name as appearing in your Baptism Certificate without the need of a Deed Poll.

If you are an adult, you may change your surname (also known as family name or last name) with a Deed Poll.

For a minor, the parent should obtain the consent of the other parent of the child prior to changing the surname of the child. Save for exceptions, both parents should sign the Deed Poll.

For a single mother of a child under 1 year old (where Birth Certificate only showed the mother’s name), you may not change the child’s surname in the Birth Certificate to a third party’s surname with a Deed Poll, and you are strongly advised to approach ICA for advice.

Caution Note: this section contain government policies and procedures and the answers are subject to errors or inaccuracies, if any.

Typically, the following are the main categories/types of name change by way of Deed Poll (not exhaustive):

  1. Add First Name Only, eg. adding ‘John’ to existing name of “Loh Kee Wee”, to become “John Loh Kee Wee”
  2. Add and/or Change Given/First Name, eg. changing from existing name of “John Loh Kee Wee” to new name “Adam Loh Kee Song
  3. Change Surname Only and No Change to Given Name, eg. changing surname from ‘Loh’ to ‘Tan’, ie. from “Loh Kee Wee” to “Tan Kee Wee”
  4. Change Surname and Add/Change Given Name, eg. from “Loh Kee Wee” to “Tan Kee Wee, John“, where “Loh” is surname and “John” is given name.

Apart from the above, there are variations, which include (not exhaustive):

  1. deleting/changing the hanyu pinyin name in brackets
  2. adding/changing/deleting Chinese characters
  3. deleting “S/O” or “D/O” from the name
  4. deleting “Bin” or “Binte from the name
  5. adding a Muslim name
  6. removing a Muslim name

In respect the persons changing, they can be as follows:

  1. adults, who will sign the Deed Poll personally
  2. minors, ie. under 21 years, who have or may not have NRIC issued, whose Deed Poll will be signed by one or two parents (as the case may be)

Please note that a Deed Poll cannot be used to change (1) your religion, (2) your race, and (3) your gender.

Notwithstanding our general guidance on name change, please note that your change of name is subject to the policies of ICA. If in doubt, please make your enquiries to ICA.

The short answer is no. Please make your enquiries to ICA.

Link: Link:

The short answer is no. Please make your enquiries to ICA.

We understand that ICA may not add a married name (eg. “Mrs Smith”) via Deed Poll, but you try to use your marriage certificate to do so. Accordingly, please do not use our Deed Poll service for adding married name. Kindly seek ICA’s advice on this issue.

We understand that Singapore permanent residents with a change of name must first update the name on their current passport and provide a copy of the passport bearing their new name as a supporting document to change the name on the Singapore IC. For more enquiries, please check with ICA.

Link: ICA Replace Identity Card (Change of Particulars/Damaged)

Our understanding is that you may not have hanyu pinyin name (in brackets) if you do not have your name in Chinese characters. However, please seek ICA’s assistance and clarification on this.

Post Deed Poll

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