Changing name can be very sentimental and emotional to most people. We all have been given names by our parents, and as we grow older, we may be motivated by many personal reasons as to why we should change or modify our original names. What is your reasons for changing your name?

The list below are some of the reasons why people change their names.

  • Are you intending to Change Your Name in your Identity Card (IC) for a long time, and don’t know what to do?
  • You have just been married, and need to adopt part of your husband’s name for migration purposes?
  • You are nearly 30 years old and wish to add a new name to your IC when you apply for a new Singapore Identity Card?
  • You are a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) and wish to change your Name in your Singapore Identity Card.
  • You have a Child (Minor, under 21 years) and wish to change his Name.
  • You wish to change your Chinese or Tamil Characters (as appearing in your IC in your Name for whatever reason). You wish to change your Surname or First Name.
  • You wish to change your Name for auspicious reasons.
  • You wish to insert a Christian Name, First Name or Other Name(s) of your own choice.
  • You have been wondering how to delete your Hanyin Pinyin’s name as appearing in your IC in brackets.
  • You are a foreigner, and your Country Embassy require you to procure a Singapore Deed Poll to effect change of name in your Passport.
  • You may be a transgender and wish to adopt a new name more suited to your identity.

Although we have much experience in assisting many in their change of name in Singapore, we are unable to offer advice to the type or nature of name that you should adopt. You name is very personal to you and only you can decide.