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Loh Eben Ong LLP has assisted thousands in changing their names via Singapore Deed Poll. If you have been thinking of changing your name in your Identity Card or your Child’s name, look no further.

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Singapore Deed Poll Change of Name

Changing Name in Singapore

  • Deed Poll Name Change
  • Deed Poll Name Change
  • Deed Poll Name Change
  • Ever wondered how to remove your hanyu pinyin name in brackets appearing in your IC?
  • Or how to change your child’s name?
  • Or how to add or change a new first or Christian name?
  • Or how to add your name in Chinese or non-English characters?
  • Or how to remove “S/O” or “D/O” from your name?

Singapore Deed Poll Online

Our highly popular pioneering Deed Poll Online (since 1998) has assisted numerous Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Foreigners in changing their names with great satisfaction and at very reasonable rates.

Since 2014, with the launch of SG Lawyers Mobile App for Apple iOS and Google Play, you may submit your Deed Poll Quote and Deed Poll Online via SG Lawyers App. Download SG Lawyers App now.

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