With so many articles, ads and websites on Uncontested Singapore Divorce (much more than other type of legal services), a person looking to engage a Singapore Divorce Lawyer will be highly confused and lost in a maze of information.

Be discerning about which lawyer you engage, and do not engage a lawyer merely on the basis of the “cheapest cost”, or offer an unrealistic fee quote (overly cheap or expensive). For an uncontested divorce with no or little contentious issues, you should also not pay substantially more than necessary.

So how should I select a Singapore Divorce lawyer?

Before you engage the cheapest lawyer (including those offering “free” consultations), factors to consider are (not exhaustive):

  • reputation of the law firm (eg. adverse feedbacks, how old is the firm)
  • profile and experience of the Singapore Divorce Lawyer
  • integrity, efficiency and quality of the lawyers in the firm
  • resaonable costs and disbursements quoted (of course, what is reasonable is highly subjective)

So why Loh Eben Ong? Some of the factors are:

  • experienced Divorce Lawyer with more than 30 years of experience
  • high quality, efficient and responsive service at reasonable rates
  • Loh Eben Ong has a relatively long history of more than 20 years (established in 1994)
  • we take pride in all services entrusted to us, whether it is a simple Notarial service to a multi-million property transaction
  • we value our clients be it big or small matter.