A divorce ends a marriage, and on divorce, the husband and wife are no longer related, and don’t owe each other duties and obligations, except for ancillary matters (where applicable). Parties intending to go through Divorce Proceedings in Singapore are frequently emotionally charged.

Usually, parties are unsure of their respective rights, or the procedural aspects of commencing a divorce proceeding. Our experienced Singapore Divorce Lawyer (over 30 years of experience) will endeavour to assist our Divorce’s clients in divorce proceedings in an expeditious and professional manner at reasonable costs.

In Singapore, there is only one ground for Divorce, i.e. irretrievable breakdown of marriage based on one or more factual basis, such as adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, living apart for 3 years with consent, and living apart for 4 years without consent.

The couple must have been married for at least 3 years before a Writ of Divorce can be filed, unless the Applicant can prove exceptional hardship or if the other spouse has been exceptionally unreasonable and cruel.

Loh Eben Ong’s  Singapore Divorce Lawyer provides legal consultations (without any obligation of engagement) through our LegalClinic Service on various issues relating to Singapore Divorce or Divorce proceedings.

Since 28 March 2005, we have provided Online Legal Submission for Singapore Divorce (Non-Contentious) through our various Online Forms. The purpose of this Online Service is to provide convenience to our Divorce clients or potential clients. Relevant particulars and facts can be instructed to us via this Online Form at any time to your convenience.

This Online Service should not be construed as a convenient method of expediting a Divorce. It is our policy that you and your spouse should seek marriage counseling or other forms of help if you faced problems or breakdown in your marriage. Divorce should only be the last resort if the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

To request for our cost for Non-Contested Divorce, please request for a Divorce Quote; and if you are ready to engage Loh Eben Ong LLP, you may wish to submit your particulars via Divorce Online.