In Singapore, a Deed Poll is a legal document signed by a person in the presence of a practising Singapore Lawyer for change of his name in his Identity Card (NRIC). It has to be signed by at least one parent if the person changing his name is below 21 years of age (Minor).

Please note that the Deed Poll does not by itself change the name in the NRIC. He has to attend personally at ICA to effect the change of his NRIC.

Under Singapore law, a person changing his name has to replace his Singapore Identity Card within 28 days (if he has one).

Important Note: Loh Eben Ong does not warrant or represent that by virtue of our preparation of a Deed Poll on your behalf based on your chosen new name(s), ICA will not take issue with your new name(s) and you may be required to vary or amend your Deed Poll (and additional charges may be incurred).