A common Notary Public’s role is to certify true copies of educational certificates or letters. It is well known that many educational certificates or documents are fake, forged or not genuine, especially educational certificates purportedly from foreign institutions.

If you are requesting for this service, we may at our sole absolute discretion require any or a combination of the following declarations/verification/certification (not exhaustive) as follows:-

  1. a declaration (in our approved format) that the document produced is genuine together with your original identification document (NRIC or Passport), either before our Notary or a Commissioner for Oaths (from another law firm) (at your costs and expense)
  2. an official email or letter addressed to us from the institution or authority or organisation issuing the certificate or document attesting to the authenticity of the certificate to be certify true by our notary, and attaching documentary evidence thereto

Additional costs and expense for the above verification are to be borne by you, and may be charged at our hourly rate.

We reserve the right not to provide the above service at our sole discretion without furnishing any reason whatsoever, even though you have attended at our office for the same. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

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