In Singapore, a trade mark application for registration has to be accompanied by a list of the goods and/or services on which the mark is intended to be used. The goods and services must be classified in accordance with an internationally agreed classification system used by more than 150 countries, known as the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS) or the Nice Classification (“NICE”).

No. of Classes within NICE

Goods and services are divided into 45 classes, each class covering a different category of Goods or Services. Classes 1 to 34 relate to Goods (eg. clothing), and Classes 35 to 45 relate to Services (eg. “Legal Services”).

In total, the Nice Classification contains around 10,000 indications of goods and 1,000 indications of services.

Structure of the Nice Classification

Each class of the Nice Classification contains:

  1. Class Heading: The class headings describe in very broad terms the nature of the goods or services contained in each class.
  2. Explanatory Note: The explanatory note of a given class describes in greater detail the types of goods or services included in that class.
  3. Alphabetical List: The most detailed level of the Classification is the alphabetical list which shows the individual goods or services appropriate to a class.

In identify the Class that your goods or services fall under, you may use the Alphabetical List to ascertain the exact classification of each individual good or service.