The following [extracted from LPA Form 1 (2014)] must be complied with and/or read by the Donee(s) and Replacement Donee(s) (as the case may be) before consenting and signing of LPA Form.


1. I have read the Prescribed Information or it has been read to me.

2. I understand the duties imposed on a donee of a lasting power of attorney under sections 3 (the principles) and 6 (best interests) of the Act.

3. I must have regard to the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice.

4. I shall inform the Public Guardian if any of the following events, which terminates my appointment or power, occurs:

  1. I disclaim my appointment as donee;
  2. I am made a bankrupt (where I have authority to make property and affairs decisions);
  3. My marriage to the donor is dissolved or annulled (if I am the donor’s spouse).

5. I will replace an original donee that I am appointed to replace if the appointment of the original donee is terminated and I am still eligible to act as a donee (applicable to replacement donee only).

6. By signing, I consent to be appointed as a donee/replacement donee (where applicable).

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