You may have submitted your LPA application to us, but at times, upon your or the Applicant (Donor, eg. elderly father) attendance at our office, we may be unable to proceed with the engagement due to various reasons.

Some of the reasons are:

  • apparent lack of mental capacity (eg elder persion with apparent dementia – unable to recall details)
  • lack of original Identify document(s) (eg. NRIC)
  • inability to understand translation or contents of LPA
  • apparent inability to understand the terms in the LPA
  • apparent undue influence from third party
  • rudeness to our personnel by Donor and/or Donee(s)

Upon scheduling of an appointment for the Donor, we take pains to prepare the LPA Form1 in accordance with the instructions given, and work has been done by us, and therefore, abortive fee of up to the full value of the quoted fee is payable (subject to discount given at our discretion).

We do hope that if you are applying for your elderly relatives, please ensure that they have the relevant mental capacity, language and not subject to any undue influence.

Categories: General, Lasting Power of Attorney