Your LPA is an important document your Donee(s) will need to use if you lose mental capacity and they have to make decisions for you.

You should keep the original LPA in a safe place and ensure that your Donee(s) know its whereabout and will have access to it if they need to make decisions for you.

You should inform the people and institutions that your donee(s) will have to deal with if you lose capacity, that you have made an LPA. These include:

  • your doctor and other healthcare providers, and
  • your bank, the Central Provident Fund Board and other institutions with whom you have accounts (such as Central Depository Pte Ltd, insurance
    companies, stockbrokers).

Do note that different parties (eg. banks, insurance company) have diff erent requirements, and you should with them on their requirements that you have to comply with for them to accept authority of your donee(s) to act for you if you lose capacity.

Categories: Lasting Power of Attorney, Post LPA