Apart from the revocation (termination) of your LPA, it will be cancelled or the appointment of the Donee will be terminated in the following circumstances:

  • you or your Donee dies
  • your Donee lacks mental capacity
  • your Donee formally declines the appointment as a donee (refer to Disclaimer by a Donee of a Lasting Power of Attorney (OPG Form D1))
  • a divorce between your Donee and you, applicable if your Donee is your spouse and you have not stated otherwise in your LPA
  • you or your donee becomes a bankrupt or if your donee is a licensed trust company, the company is liquidated, wound up, dissolved or under judicial management (Note: this applies to the property & affairs donee only)
  • a Court order is made to cancel the LPA or your Donee’s powers, where your Donee has not acted in your best interest.
Categories: Lasting Power of Attorney, Revocation