When are Sureties required?

/When are Sureties required?

When are Sureties required?

A grantee of Letters of Administration, whether with or without a Will annexed, from a Singapore Family Court shall give security for the due administration of the estate by way of an Administration Bond and 2 Sureties in the following circumstances:

  1. where the estate and effects in respect of which the grant is applied for, exclusive of what the deceased was possessed of or entitled to as a trustee and
    not beneficially, but without deducting anything on account of the debts due or owing from the deceased, exceed the value of $5 million
  2. where there is a minority interest in the estate
  3. where there is a life interest in the estate
  4. where there are beneficiaries who lack capacity within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act (Cap. 177A)
  5. where the grantee is a creditor; and
  6. in such other cases as the Registrar thinks fit.

Sureties must not use protected property under section 51 of the Housing and Development Act (Cap. 129) for the purpose of justification.

[Source: Para. 68 Family Justice Courts Practice Directions 2015]


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