Our Notary Public will be involved in a hearing from Wednesday, 4 May 2022 to 26 May 2022 (both dates inclusive, but with some breaks in between). Accordingly, there will be limited appointments with our Notary, and if you cannot find a booking slot at our Booking site, please contact our office via phone at 63381810 or email us to manually arrange an appointment.

Slots may be available on 9 May 2022, and 13 May 2022, and 23 May 2022.

For certified true copies (CTC) of documents, if you do not require the notarised documents on the same working day, you may use of “drop and collect service”, by leaving your original documents with our office for our preparation of the Notary Certificate, and collect them on the next working day.

Please note that after collection of the notarised documents, you will still need to attend at Singapore Academy of Law to collect the Apostille.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.