With effect from Tuesday, 1 October 2019, all notarised documents that will have to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). This follows changes to the Singapore Academy of Law (Amendment) Rules 2019 and the Notaries Public (Amendment) Rules 2019, which take effect that day.

Due to the changes, the process of Notarisation will take a longer time to process, and cost more. Previously, authentication of Notarial Certificate is optional. The change means that each Notarial Certificate will need to be authenticated by SAL, and the SAL Authentication Fee of $85.60 (inclusive of GST) will need to be paid to the Notary Public upfront when attending at our office.


From 1 October 2019, the Notary Public will use SAL’s portal at to issue Notarial Certificate and to submit Authentication request to SAL. The Notary Public will have to pay the Authentication Fee of $85.60 upfront via credit card, and upon payment, SAL will then issue the Notarial Certificate. We will then bundle the Notarial Certificate with the notarised document.

To obtain SAL Authentication Certificate (in a sticker form), the client has the following option:-

  1. the client can bring the Notarised document(s) with the Notarial Certificate to SAL Counter at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street #08-06 Singapore 179803 himself to obtain the SAL Authentication Certificate using the QR Code on the Notarial Certificate (SELF-COLLECTION)
  2. alternatively (optional), the client can request Loh Eben Ong to assist in obtaining the SAL Authentication Certificate at SAL, but subject to a payment of our service fee upfront (LEO SERVICE).


Most notarial services are statutory prescribed (i.e. fixed rates), and for additional services (not prescribed), Notary Public is entitled to charge reasonable fees. Do note that each notarial act (eg. witnessing of signing of document) require a mandatory Notarial Certificate ($75).

Wef 1 October 2019, when you engage our Notary Public, we will need to collect the following fees upfront:-

  1. Notarisation Fees to Notary Public
  2. SAL Authentication Fee of $85.60
  3. Additional fees (if applicable)


In order to assist our clients to do a quick estimation of the Notarial Fees payable, we have updated our Notary Fee Calculator (for CTC or Witnessing only), and to use this calculator, please click on Notary Fee Calculator. Please note that this calculator is strictly for reference only, and the ultimate Notarial fees will be finalised at our office.


SAL stipulates as follows:-

Am I allowed to bundle multiple documents together with one Notarial

Subject to the requirements of the embassy/recipient country, the Board of
Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public has agreed to allow bundling/
consolidation of Certified True Copies – i.e. more than one document (i.e Certified
True Copy) can be bundled with one notary certificate. The NP will be required to
list and particularise each Certified True Copy annexed to the Notarial Certificate.

Therefore, bundling of documents in one Notarial Certificate is permitted for Certified True Copies of documents (eg. passport, IC, educational certificates), and not others (eg. attestation of signing of documents).

For examples, you have signed 1 Sale and Purchase Agreement and 1 Statutory Declaration (i.e. 2 documents) before our Notary Public, you will require 2 separate Notarial Certificate ($75 each ). Each Notarial Certificate has to be authenticated by SAL ($85/60 each).