Legal Documents Auto-Generation

Loh Eben Ong is introducing a new Legal Documentation Automation service, whereby user submit a relevant Legal Form, which will then auto-generate a sample document in word format based on the user entries. Depending on the type of document generated, the service may be free or subject to a certain fee.

Please browse through our applicable forms, and more legal documents will be introduced from time to time.

Any Questions?

It depends on the type of document to be generated. Where a fee is required, you need to pay via credit card before you are able to submit.

After submission, you will receive a word document in docx format via your email.

Once you have received the auto-generated document, to remove the copyright, you need to edit and tailor the document according to your requirements.

Once you have edited the Statutory Declaration according to your requirement, you may print out a copy of the final document and bring to our Notary Public to declare in his presence.