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Loh Eben Ong provides various legal services, this Loh Eben Ong FAQ section highlights the various issues that you may face. Before making any enquiry, you are encouraged to check the various sections of LAW.com.sg. Loh Eben Ong FAQ

Issues on LAW.com.sg & Loh Eben Ong

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Unlike most businesses with listing of “client testimonials” on their websites, we do not believe in offering self-serving statements and self-praise of ourselves, although we pride ourselves in providing high quality legal services at reasonable rates.

Like the saying goes, “Self Praise is international disgrace“, so we avoid providing list and list of “clients’ testimonials” on our websites, and other platforms (eg. Facebook, Mobile App) just to show the world how “great” or “good” we are.

It is our clients that judge us on the level of our service, and we do not have a habit of asking them for their testimonials as we are focused on getting the work done to the best of our abilities.

If our clients liked our service, they will repeat their engagement of LOH EBEN ONG and/or recommend us to their family and friends, and we are truly thankful for these repeat engagement and recommendation.

Loh Eben Ong having more than 20 years history (since 1994) is by itself a testament of our reliability, credibility and reputation.

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When you submit the online forms via our websites, you should at least receive an automated response within a few minutes. If however, you didn’t receive any automated reply, it could be due to:-

  • wrong email address entered into our form
  • our email reply is in your Junk or Spam folder
  • technical issue in our system

If you did not receive any automated reply, you may wish to send us an email to make your enquiry.

Please note that upon submission of our Quote Form, you should receive an almost instant quote on our charges (for most services) via email.

Please be informed that we do not send unsolicited emails or spam mails, and you may whitelist the emails originating from the domain of *@law.com.sg.

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All our legal webforms in this site and our related sites are specially designed and crafted for each legal service, such as Deed Poll or Wills Online or Lasting Power of Attorney.

We have spent hours to specifically tailor each webform for the specific legal service offered online, and often times, we need to balance between too much details, and user friendliness. Some of our forms (eg. Deed Poll, Power of Attorney, Singapore Wills) are intelligent and interactive, i.e. relevant fields will appear for you to complete upon selection of certain answers in prior fields.

Despite some of our webforms being lengthy or slightly complex, our users over the years have no problem in successfully submitting them.

As we know that many users are accessing our sites through their smart mobile devices (iPhone, Android phone, tablets), we have made our websites mobile friendly. Users can also download our SG Lawyers Mobile App at Apple AppStore or Google Play to submit our services online.

More innovative online legal services will be offered from time to time, and we are always finding better ways to interact with our users to ensure a smooth passage in using our Online Legal Services.

Please note that all our forms, layout, and contents are copyrighted to Loh Eben Ong LLP, and all our rights are expressly reserved.

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If you face issues (technical or otherwise) in using our webforms, or utilising some of our online features, often times, these are either due to human error or technical issues beyond our control.

Webpages contain numerous codes and scripts to enable them to appear and run properly in an internet web browser. There are numerous internet web browsers, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer; Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad Safari and Firefox. Each webpage can appear and/or function differently on different internet browser. Different versions of a web browser may also affect the appearance and/or functionality of a webpage.

Our website should be able to work properly on most major web browsers (mostly the later versions). However, based on our experience, there are still occasional technical issues that may arise as different web browsers are built differently. Therefore, they may have compatibility issues, and much is dependent on the scripts used in a particular webpage. As we are aware that most smart mobile devices (eg. iPhone, Android phones) do not support flash technology, our websites do not contain flash.

Other than web browsers’ compatibility, the issues (in using the functions) may be due human error (ours) or resulting from updating/upgrading of our software/scripts in this website. We do perform maintenance / upgrading works from time to time.

Some of problem Issues that may arise are:-

  • printing issue through the print icon
  • email issue through the email icon
  • pdf issue through the pdf icon
  • certain fields do not appear in forms
  • cannot submit web-forms
  • webpage appears distorted
  • calendar may appear on top hidden from view (eg. in Internet Explorer).

If you face any issue, you may wish to try to use a different internet browser, or email us to let us know so that we can resolve the issue expeditiously. Do let us know which webform or the url to the webform to enable us to resolve the issue.

Your feedback is extremely important to us, as our objective is to keep this site as interactive as possible, but at the same time, useful and user friendly to our many users.

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All enquiries and emails sent to us by our valued clients or users are important to us. As with any organisation, whether big or small, we have very limited resources, such as time and manpower, and have administrative constraints.

Due to the popularity of our sites, we receive numerous emails and online enquiries on a daily basis, sometimes in the range of hundreds. Occasionally, due to the numerous emails and enquiries, we may not have read your enquiries, and therefore, fail to reply to your enquiry.

Due to our constraints, we are only able to reply to enquiries which we think are relevant and/or those matters that we are able to assist you.

It is regrettable that we are unable to offer any legal advice via emails or telephone calls. We do not offer free legal advice, and should you have any query in respect of any issues within our areas of practice, please arrange for a Legal Clinic.

If you have sent us an email or enquiry and did not hear from us or receive a delayed response, we sincerely apologise. For your ease of engaging us, we would suggest that you use our online features (eg. quote and online submission) through our various websites and SG Lawyers Mobile App.

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