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Singapore Notarial and Apostille services by our Singapore Notary Public, such as witnessing and attesting the signing of documents; certifying documents as originals and as true copies, and issuing Notarial Certificates for used outside Singapore are provided by Loh Eben Ong LLP.

Documents to be notarised are to be used overseas, and have to be authenticated by way of an Apostille issued by Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) and may be required to be further legalised by the foreign Embassy in Singapore.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public in Singapore is usually a practising lawyer who has been appointed by Singapore Academy of Law in accordance with the Notaries Public Act and its internal guidelines.

A Notary Public’s duty is to attest deeds, contracts, and other instruments that are to be used abroad and to give a certificate of the due execution of such documents duly authenticated by his signature and notarial stamp and/or seal.

Unlike a Commissioner for Oaths, a Notary Public is in a position to witness a document signed in front of him which is in a foreign language.

Third Party Verification

If you are the Foreign Agency (“3rd Party“), eg. a UK Bank or Law Firm, who has received our Notary Public’s certification (eg. certified true copy of document) from your client and wish to verify our certification, etc, there will be charges payable. For example (fictitious):

‘Dear Notary

We have received your notarized document dated 18 June 2016 from our client, and require your confirmation that Mr Smith did appear and sign in your presence, and attest as to his true likeness. I also need to verify …’

Common Notarial Services

Notarial services commonly include one or more of the following:

  • Notarisation (notarization) by Singapore Notary Public, eg. witnessing, certified true copy, verifying identities, attesting Power of Attorney, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations.

  • Notarial Certificate issued by Singapore Notary Public (mandatory)

  • Apostille issued by Singapore Academy of Law (mandatory)

  • Legalisation (legalization) by Embassies / Consulates

Prior to Enquiry

Prior to making enquiries to Singapore Notary Public Office, you should enquire carefully from your recipient on their exact requirements. If legalisation (or legalization) is required by a foreign embassy in Singapore (eg. China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia), the onus is on you to check the legalisation requirements, procedures, timelines, and fees directly with each embassy prior to approaching us for Notarial services.

There are no set rules governing the requirements of different countries where the documents are to be used.

Non-Contracting Party to Apostille Convention

For document for use in a non-contracting party of the Apostille Convention, apart from the Apostille issued by the Academy of Law, the document may have to be sent to the mission (eg. Embassy) of the foreign country for legalisation (legalization).

Singapore Notary Public Fee

Charges for Notarial Services such as witnessing and issuing Notarial Certificate are prescribed by law and are not negotiable. Services outside what are prescribed by law will be charged at the Notary Public’s rates based on the nature of the request and complexity.

Singapore Academy of Law

Every notarised document has to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) with an Apostile. Each SAL’s Apostille certificate cost $85.60 (payable to SAL), which is to be paid by the Notary Public’s office in advance to SAL.

Upon collection of the notarised document together with the Notarial Certificate from the Notary office, the client will have to bring them to SAL’s office to collect the SAL’s Apostille to be affixed to the Notarial Certificate.

Apostille & Legalisation by Embassy

If your document is heading to a recipient of a Country which is a contracting party of the Apostille Convention, usually, no further checks are required, and you should be able to forward the notarised document to your recipient. Notwithstanding the above, we would advise you to check with your recipient on his requirements.

If your document is heading to a repicient of a Country which is a non-contracting party of the Apostille Convention, you need to further legalised it at the consulalar section of the mission (eg. Embassy) representing that Country. or example, if a document executed in Singapore before a Singapore Notary Public for use in China would be legalised (legalized) by the China Embassy in Singapore.

Legalisation of Government Documents by SAL

All documents issued by Singapore Government Departments (eg. Registry of Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates and Educational Certificates from local government schools) in their original text will be directly legalised by Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).

Legalisation by MFA (Non-Gov Doc)

Non-government documents (foreign / private / company documents) must be first referred to a Singapore Notary Public for notarisation and then to the SAL for certification before presenting documents at SAL for legalisation.

Commercial documents such as Invoices, Bills of Sales, Certificates of Origin, Fumigation certificates, etc should be certified or seen by any of the four Chambers of Commerce (International, Chinese, Indian & Malay) or the Singapore Manufacturers’ Association before presenting to SLA for legalisation.

Notary Public Links

These are some of the important links and addresses for Notarisation (notarization) and Legalisation (legalization) in Singapore. Please check with respective departments as to their respective operating hours, and no representation is made as to the accuracy of the information contained in this page.

Refusal of Notarial Services

Our Notary Public reserves his right not to perform any Notarial act at his discretion.

Notary Public Seal

A Notarial Certificate must be sealed with a seal issued by the Singapore Academy of Law, and that is affixed on the Notarial Certificate over the ribbon near the ends of that ribbon.

Source/Credits: Singapore Academy of Law

Notarial Certificate

With effect from 15 February 2017, it will be mandatory for all notaries public to issue a Notarial Certificate for each document attested by the notary public, or in
connection with which the notary public has administered an oath or affirmation, in exercise of the notary public’s powers and functions as a notary public. [Source: Singapore Academy of Law]

All documents notarised by a Notary Public MUST be bound by a Red Ribbon in the prescribed format. The document has to be COMPLETED with notary public’s
signature, stamp and SAL issued notarial seal. Notarial Certificates that do not comply with the requirements of SAL will not be accepted.

Notary Public Fee

Notary Public fees are statutory prescribed, use our Fee Calculator

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