The Foreign Agency may require legalisation (or legalization) of the notarised document by the Foreign Embassy in Singapore.

For example, if a document executed in Singapore before a Singapore Notary Public for use in France would be legalised (legalized) by the French Embassy in Singapore.

Usually for non-Commonwealth countries, apart from verification by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), the document may also have to be sent to the Embassy or Consulate of that country for further certification or legalisation.

Each Embassy or Consulate will have its own requirements for legalisation (legalization). Most of them would require the payment of a fee. Some require copies in addition to the original signed by the Notary Public, while others require further verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before legalisation (legalization).

Where non-Commonwealth countries have no embassy or consulate in Singapore, the Consular Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been known to render assistance in the legalisation of documents.