If you are the Foreign Agency, Entity or Organisation (the “Third Party”) who has received our Notary Public’s certification (eg. certified true copy of document) from your client/applicant/person and wish to verify our certification and/or our Notary’s official appointment, please be informed that such certification / confirmation is subject to our fees. Fees quoted are subject to change without prior notice and may vary depending on the Third Party’s requirements.

Who Needs This

Occasionally, the recipient (the Third Party) of our legalised document wish to confirm our certification which we have provided to our client, and/or verify our Notary Public’s appointment.

For example, a Bank (Third Party) may be in receipt of a certified true copy of a certified true copy of its client’s Passport (certified true by our Notary Public), and sent a request for our confirmation. We reserve the right not to provide such service at our absolute discretion, even if payment is made to us (subject to refund less abortive fee, if any).

To check on how to find out the authenticity of our Notary Public, please go to this LINK.

Why We Charge

We provide our Notarial Services to the person who requested for our service usually for a small prescribed fee (eg. S$50, S$80). If the Third Party requests request our Notary office for additional service, we will need to respond to you and check/verify our historical data, which require time, manpower resource and effort.

We reserve the right not to provide such service and have no obligation to respond to the Third Party.

Please do not pay any sum to us until we have agreed to provide such service.

How Do We Charge

Our estimate cost for each verification is S$50.00. Payment is required in advance before we respond to the requestor.

The estimated cost stated herein is per document / signature. For example, if you are verifying 2 certified copies of 2 documents, then the cost will be S$X multiply by 2.

Where more elaborate work is required from us, we will vary our charges accordingly.

How to Pay

Verification’s mode of payment:

  • Payment by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer to our Office Account – Refer to our Payment Page
  • ePay through our SG Lawyers App > ePay > Notary Public > Third Party Verification

After payment, please forward us evidence of payment via email to online@law.com.sg.

Terms of Service

  1. For this additional service, we will dictate the terms of our certification, and may consider your wordings for the certification/confirmation provided they are reasonable and such service is within our Notary’s ability, knowledge, information and belief.
  2. Although we have assisted in the initial notarial service, we have no obligations whatsoever and however to the Third Party to provide any further service.
  3. Where your proposed terms for verification/certifcation/confirmation are onerous, we will decline your request, and no reasons need to be given.
  4. If we are agreeable to provide the requested service, our prescribed fees must be paid in advance.