In general, our Singapore Notary Public will provide his services within the ambit of Singapore law, and has no knowledge of the various foreign’s authorities, organisations, institutions and entities’ (the “foreign agency“) requirements. Prior to approaching us, you should make due enquiries with the foreign agency to its requirements, its formats, and/or samples.

Witnessing of Execution

For witnessing by Notary Public of your signature, please verify with the foreign agency on:-

  1. the specific documents to be signed by you in the presence of a Notary;
  2. whether a Notarial Certificate is required (and whether it has a specimen or sample);
  3. whether authentication with Singapore Academy of Law is required;
  4. whether legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required; and/or
  5. whether legalization by the foreign embassy in Singapore is required.

There will be prescribed professional costs for each stage, and additional charges and disbursements for additonal services rendered.

Typical documents to be executed in the presenece of Notary Public include:-

  • Power of Attorney
  • Declarations, such as Affidavits and Statutory Declarations
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Forms
  • Real Estate / Immovable Properties documents, such Sale and Purchase Agreements and foreign Land Registry instruments.

For attendance at our office, please ensure that all particulars of the signor are correctly and accurately stated in the document and consistent with the Identity Documents (eg. Passport or Singapore Identity Card).

Due to our administrative constraints, we may be unable to assist you in filling up your documents. Our Notary Public may at his discretion reject any document produced for witnessing, and charges may be levied for abortive work.

Certified True Copies of Documents

This is a very common service performed by our Notary Public. You may need to furnish certified copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank statement or university certificate to a foreign agency, and they request for a notarised copy of the document.

Please check with the foreign agency what documents are required to be certified true by the Notary Public, and whether the foreign agency requires:-

  • a Notarial Certificate;
  • authentication by the Singapore Academy of Law, and
  • further legalization at the foreign embassy in Singapore.

Please note that some foreign agencies may require some documents (eg. Singapore Passport, Birth Certificate and NRIC) to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and not by a Notary Public. In that case, please do not approach us.

Typical documents to be certified true by a Notary Public (at the Notary’s discretion) include:-

  • Deed Poll (Change of Name)
  • Educational Certificates (only recognised institutions or authorities in Singapore, and further letter of confirmation from the institution may be required prior to our certification)
  • Identity documents (eg. Passport, NRIC)
  • Singapore Marriage Certificates
  • Power of Attorney
  • Singapore Company’s Incorporation Certificates
  • Banks’ statement (for Bank with a licence in Singapore)
  • Singapore Company’s Business’ Profile (only if conducted by us subject to a service fee)

The original document is required to be produced at our office, and we may not certify documents which are originated from overseas, and any document that our Notary is unable to ascertain its authenticity upon perusal. Our Notary may at his discretion reject any document produced for certification, and charges may be levied for any abortive work.