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Offline Legal Services is an extension of our Online Legal Services, allow you to download any of our copyrighted Offline Forms. After completion, you may submit by  email, fax or post.

Even though we provide this feature, for your convenience and expeditious service, you are encouraged to submit the relevant application online through our various websites (desktop or mobile devices) or SG Lawyers App.

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After I Submit, What Happen?

Using our Singapore Offline Legal Services is extremely easy. Upon submission of our Offline Form, you may proceed to schedule an Appointment Online, or Call Us, or Email Us. Our Office may also contact you to arrange an appointment.

Thousands have submitted their applications via Deed Poll Online through our websites or SG Lawyers Mobile App. However, some may use our Offline Legal Services so that they can take their time to complete a form at home or in their office. Others are concerned about the inherent risk of Online submission. Below are our Offline Forms for your use.

Singapore Deed Poll Offline by Lawyers (word)

Singapore Deed Poll Offline by Lawyers (pdf)

Singapore Power of Attorney HDB Offline Legal Services is an extension of our Power of Attorney HDB Online Legal Service for HDB Flats

Singapore Power of Attorney Offline (word)

Singapore Power of Attorney Offline (pdf)

Wills Offline Legal Services

Singapore Wills Offline (word)

Singapore Wills Offline (pdf)

Property and Conveyancing Offline Legal Services

Discharge for Fully Paid Loan (word)

Discharge for Fully Paid Loan (pdf)

Redemption for Outstanding Loan (word)

Redemption for Outstanding Loan (pdf)

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