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Online Legal Services

Engaging a Singapore Lawyer has never been easier through our various pioneering and innovative Online Legal Services offered since 1990s. Our Online Legal Forms are customised and user-friendly, so that our users can submit all relevant data, particulars and instructions online through our various websites and SG Lawyers Mobile App with ease and convenience.

How to use Online Legal Services

To use our Online within this site, the process is very user friendly and straightforward. You can access the various online services from the MENU on the Top by:-

  1. Getting a QUOTE
  2. Submitting ONLINE or through SG Lawyers Mobile App
  3. Schedule an APPOINTMENT


Online Legal Services Singapore

Loh Eben Ong LLP

Using Loh Eben Ong's Singapore legal services is extremely simple.

Changing your name

Do you know it is easy to change your name? You need a Deed Poll signed in the presence of a Singapore Lawyer. You can get a quote and submit online at