Payment Modes

We offer a number of legal services to our clients in Singapore and Overseas, including online legal services through our various websites and SG Lawyers Mobile App. For the convenience of our clients, please note our various payment mode stated in this page.

Kindly do not remit unsolicited funds to our bank accounts or through Online Payment or PayNow. For Bank or Telegraphic (Wire) Transfers, kindly remit funds net of Remitting and Receiving Bank’s charges. Please also read Caution: Fraud, Scam, Phishing below.

Upon remittance, please let us have copy of the remittance advice / screenshots via email at so we can trace the payment, together with your Name, Mobile No., Email, Invoice No. (if any), File Reference, and Subject Matter.

Method of Payment

Caution: Fraud, Scam, Plishing

Cyber-crime is increasingly common. Please be on your guard against criminals trying to divert monies to their own account and use common sense. Due to our popularity, reputation and our long establishment on the internet, some scammers have attempted to fraudulently impersonate Loh Eben Ong.

If you are suspicious of any request for money purportedly from Loh Eben Ong (eg. email, invoice), please do not transfer money without speaking to our office at +65 6338 1810 or email us. Loh Eben Ong LLP will not be liable for any money sent to a wrong account.

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