If you are unable to attend personally to matters relating to an HDB flats, you may need to appoint someone by way of a Power of Attorney for HDB Flat to assist you. These matters include attending to selling, buying or subletting an HDB flat in Singapore, for example, attend at HDB for First Appointment). 

Your appointed Attorney may sign the following documents on your behalf:

  • Option to Purchase
  • Agreement for Lease
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Lease-in-Escrow
  • Mortgage-in-Escrow
  • Tenancy Agreement

The Power of Attorney HDB is required if you are unable to attend personally to these matters. To minimise inconvenience, it is advisable to obtain a Power of Attorney HDB before leaving Singapore.

Notwithstanding the Power of Attorney, please take note of the following:

  • if you lose your mental capacity, the Power of Attorney may no longer be valid
  • it cannot be used for the signing of the Purchase or Transfer Application Form and Statutory Declarations. These documents must be signed by you personally.

If in doubt of the documents or attendance required to be done personally, please check with HDB.