There are generally 3 Power of Attorney formats (see items 1 to 3 in the table below) prescribed by HDB, which do not require HDB’s prior approval, and you should inform your Lawyer of the purpose or purposes for the Power of Attorney.

The following table shows the typical HDB Flat Power of Attorneys required:-

Purpose(s) for Power of Attorney HDB’s Approval Required?
1. Sale, Subletting & General Management No
2. Purchase, Subletting & General Management No
3. Subletting & General Management Only No
4. Selective Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers) Yes

If you require our services for preparation of Power of Attorney HDB Flat, please use our Online, Offline or SG Lawyers App services.

Where amendments to the prescribed HDB’s prescribed formats of the Power of Attorney are required, we will make the necessary amendments and submit the draft Power of Attorney to HDB’s Legal Department for approval. The time required for non-prescribed Power of Attorney usually take a longer period, such as a few weeks.  Where there are amendments, additional legal costs and expense will be incurred.