Where a deceased died without a valid Will, his estate is said to be intestate. In an intestate estate, his estate (assets) will be managed by Court appointed person(s) called Administrator(s). Persons who can apply to the Court to be appointed as Administrator(s) depend on his or their legal relationship with the deceased.

Depending on the value of the deceased’s estate, in an application for the Grant of Letters of Administration, the Court may require the Administrator(s) to procure 2 sureties to execute an Administration Bond in favour of the Court. If the Administrator(s) is/are unable to provide 2 sureties, the Administrator(s) may apply for a dispensation of this requirement. Whether such application can be successful depend on the circumstances of each case.

Our Singapore Probate Practice Group has over the years assisted numerous families in their applications for Grants of Letters of Administration at the Family Justice Courts (for estate of S$3 million and below) and the High Court (for estate which exceeds S$3 million).