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If you need legal help in Singapore, often times, finding out the costs of engaging a Lawyer can be a daunting task. At LAW.com.sg and our sister sites and SG Lawyers App, we simplify the process of obtaining quotes for legal services through our Online Quote forms, where you will receive instant quote on our charges via email.

Please use the relevant Quote forms in this site to find out about our standard charges. Please note that all quotations are subject to change without prior notice.

Even though we may have accepted your engagement, we may at our discretion vary our charges if the work carried out by us differ from your original work request or instructions.

Loh Eben Ong LLP

Using Loh Eben Ong's Singapore legal services is extremely simple.

Changing your name

Do you know it is easy to change your name? You need a Deed Poll signed in the presence of a Singapore Lawyer. You can get a quote and submit online at LAW.com.sg