Legal Clinic

Since 2003, we have operated the Singapore Legal Clinic service at our office mainly for potential divorce clients, who are unsure of their legal position and wishes to seek initial legal advice from our lawyers on the various legal issues faced by them.

Like visiting a doctor, a consultation fee is paid at the end of the consultation with our lawyer at our office, usually based on time-scale charges. Singapore Legal Clinic is strictly by appointment basis.

Video Consult is now available for booking, and you can book a Video Consult through our Appointment page.

Singapore Legal Clinic

Legal Consultation Fees

Consultation fees for Singapore Legal Clinic for first 15 minutes is S$100 and each subsequent block of 15 minutes is S$100.00 (subject to a minimum fee of S$100.00).

Kindly note that our Legal Clinic & Video Consult fees differ from our Lawyers’ hourly rate, which is at a higher hourly rate. Usually, our Legal Clinic and Video Consult session does not exceed 30 minutes.

Legal Clinic & Video Consult Fees

  • First 15 mins – $100
  • Every block of 15 mins (or any part thereof) – $100

Video Legal Consult

Areas of Video Consult

  • Contracts & Agreement

  • Deputyship Application

  • Divorce

  • Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Probate and Estate

  • Property

  • Wills

How Video Consult Works

  • Book an Appointment for Video Consult

  • Pay for Booking

  • Receive Email Link for Video Consult

  • Go to Link to Start Consult

Brief Description

Loh Eben Ong’s Video Consult is strictly for selected services, which do not require wet ink signature. We are utilising Zoom platform, and for most users, Zoom app is not required to be installed in your devices (Computers, Android, Apple iOS devices).

Upon booking and payment for a Video Consult session, you should receive an email on the details of the Video Meeting. To book an appointment, please go to our Booking site.

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