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Loh Eben Ong LLP has assisted thousands of clients in preparation of Singapore Wills  since 1994. Singapore Wills Online is another premium Online Legal Service.

With our pioneering Wills Online at and since 2001, many clients have used this service with great satisfaction. Our Singapore Wills Online has been continually upgraded and innovated to enhance its usability and convenience.

Why Make Singapore Wills?

Our short answer is it brings certainly to your loved ones in your unfortunate untimely death. No one can predict when he will die, and for the elderly, this is usually a very sensitive or taboo issue. But in recent years, many senior citizens understand the importance of Will making.

If you wish to have an initial discussion with our Singapore Wills Lawyers on the preliminary issues relating to Will making, please use our Legal Clinic service.

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Singapore Wills Online

We are all busy people. We procrastinate in making our Will. We forgot about it. We find it troublesome to engage a lawyer.  We are always. These are the excuses that we have heard many times, over and over again.

With our Singapore Wills Online, it is so convenient and there is no need to procrastinate any longer. There may be no necessity for our clients (existing or new) to attend at our office for an initial instruction.

Singapore Wills by Loh Eben Ong

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      • Experienced Singapore Lawyers at reasonable rate and high quality and prompt service
      • Long term reputation in Singapore since 1994 and known for competency and reliability
      • For typical legal services, Loh Eben Ong has been offering pioneering Online Legal Services since 1998
      • Reliable, trustworthy, transparent and competent for more than 20 years
      • Always for You!

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