Statutory Declaration Legal Form Online

This Statutory Declaration Form or Template allow users to submit this form to auto-generate a sample word document in docx file format based on the user’s input. Upon receipt via email, you may edit the SD document accordingly. A Statutory Declaration must be in the form set out in the First Schedule of the Oaths and Declarations Act. To sign or make a Statutory Declaration in Singapore, you will need to sign the SD in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths. For use overseas (outside Singapore), you will usually need to sign the SD before a Notary Public.

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Purposes of Statutory Declarations

  • Providing evidence of use of a trade mark in Singapore

  • Explaining discrepancies in one’s name in various documents

  • Declaring that a gift of property by the donor was made when he was solvent at the time of making the gift and that he has not become insolvent as a result of the transaction.

  • Declaring of change of one’s name with a Deed Poll, but lost the document

  • Declaring one is not married

  • Declaring that one has lost the title deed to a property

  • Declaring the loss of your passport or ID document

  • Declaring your place of residence and your residential address

  • Declaring that your current name and your former name is one and the same person