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If you wish to use our Singapore Notarial services by our Singapore Notary Public, please schedule an appointment by Calling Us @ +65 6338 1810 (for same or next day appointment, subject to avaibility of our Notary) or through  […]

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Witnessing for Individuals


What is this for?

  1. For for individual (person) who is signing a document in the presence of the Notary Public
  2. May be applicable for a Company Director (person) who is signing a document, and requires his signature to be witnessed by a Notary Public.

What is it Not For?

This is not for Company Execution of document by way […]

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Attest True Likeness


This may be required for both Certified True Copy or Witnessing notarial services. 

If the Foreign Agency requires us to verify true likeness of your photo or passport photo (or more persons), and we are to attest in written form, a charge will be incurred for this service as additional time and work is involved.


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Changing your name

Do you know it is easy to change your name? You need a Deed Poll signed in the presence of a Singapore Lawyer. You can get a quote and submit online at
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