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How many Donees can I appoint under my Lasting Power of Attorney?


You can appoint one or more Donees. There is no maximum number of donees that can be appointed.

However, appointing too many donees may complicate decision making as all have to grant their consent. You should choose donees that are willing to work together so that differences in opinions may be resolved amicably, thereby avoiding any […]

How many Donees can I appoint under my Lasting Power of Attorney?2016-06-10T19:38:25+08:00

Who can I appoint as my Donee?


There are no restrictions on who can be a health and welfare attorney, except that an attorney must be at least 21 when appointed.

A property and financial affairs attorney who is an individual must also be at least 21 when appointed and, in addition, must not be undischarged bankrupt. The same individual can be appointed to […]

Who can I appoint as my Donee?2016-06-10T19:37:39+08:00

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