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What is the Wills Registry of the Public Trustee office?


Will Registry is part of the Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office of Singapore, and is a confidential registry depository for Willl information. If you have made a Will, you may wish to submit your Will information at the confidential Wills Registry by paying the relevant fee (wef 1 March 2014, S$50), which merely contains brief particulars of your Will such […]

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Administering Your Estate


Your Will only takes effect upon your death, and not before. Upon your death, your Executor(s) will have to apply to Court for a Grant of Probate.or death occuring prior to 15 February 2008, the Court will only issue the Grant after the Estate Duty Officer has certified the following:

  1. the value of your estate;
  2. […]

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Amending your Will?


You should never attempt to change your Will by crossing parts out or adding words in or by attaching anything to it. If you do so your Will may become ineffective or invalid. If you wish to change your Will, either make a fresh Will to revoke and supersede the earlier Will or […]

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When should I review my Will?


If you marry or re-marry, your Willi is nullified or cancelled unless the Will was made in contemplation of your marriage.

You should review your Will if any of the following event happens:

  1. if you change your name or anyone mentioned in the Will changes his
  2. if an executor or trustee dies or becomes unsuitable to […]
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Making Your Will Known


Having made a Will, if your family members or your named Executor(s) do not know that you have made a Will or how to locate it, this will defeat the whole purpose of making a Will. It is therefore important to inform your Executor(s) and/or your close ones of the whereabouts of your original Will.

If […]

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