Can I reconcile with my spouse after signing a Deed of Separation?


You may reconcile with your spouse even after signing the Deed of Separation. Alternatively, you may proceed with your divorce after 3 years (if your spouse consents) or 4 years (if your spouse does not).

Can I reconcile with my spouse after signing a Deed of Separation?2016-06-01T09:59:22+08:00

What is a Deed of Separation?


You may wish to be separated from your spouse for a period of time before you decide on a divorce. In the meantime, the parties can still work out on reconciliation.

In this case, you may sign an agreement called a Deed of Separation which will set out the terms and conditions governing the relationship between […]

What is a Deed of Separation?2016-06-01T09:58:33+08:00

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