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Classification of Goods and Services


In Singapore, a trade mark application for registration has to be accompanied by a list of the goods and/or services on which the mark is intended to be used. The goods and services must be classified in accordance with an internationally agreed classification system used by more than 150 countries, known as the International Classification of Goods […]

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How to Identify Class for Registration?


Goods and services are divided into 45 classes, each class covering a different category of goods or services. Classes 1 to 34 relate to goods, and Classes 35 to 45 relate to services.

Suggested Steps

  1. Go to Nice Classification at
  2. Identify which Class your Goods or Services fall under.
    For example, if […]
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How to Identify Products or Services within a Class?


Having identify the Class in which your good or services fall under, you will have to identify the specific goods or services that you wish to protect.

Example: you have a mark XYZ for clothing, and you manufacture products such as clothing, coats, dresses and footwear.

Having identified that your products fall under Class 25, […]

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